Here's our first reader article: Eva, 62

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Here's our first reader article: Eva, 62

Eva is 62 years old and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and hypertonia. She has learned to live with the diseases on a daily basis and made necessary medical adjustments.

2 years ago, just before Easter, Eva suddenly fell ill. She had body aches, chills and high fever… a massive feeling of illness that clearly surpassed a simple cold.

The known chronic obstructive pulmonary disease became clearly worse. After 3 days Eva had become so sick that the doctor had to make a home visit. Her oxygen saturation had reached 75 percent, which was very critical in her case. Eva had to be hospitalised for one week before she felt better.

This experienced was a wake-up call for Eva. She has been getting vaccinated ever since to avoid the flu and its consequences.

Eva´s advice: Most people confuse the flu with a cold. Inform yourself about the differences and the possible consequences and do get vaccinated if you are in the risk segment!

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