Why the flu hits us harder than it used to

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Why the flu hits us harder than it used to

The flu is more than just a bit of a nuisance. It can stop us from making the most of our lives: relaxing, exploring, and doing the things we’ve always wanted to do.

After all, the flu affects us a little differently now. We’re more susceptible to catching it, it can hit us harder, and it can take us longer to shake it off. Let’s take a closer look.

In our 40s & 50s

In our 60s & beyond

We go out for a long bike ride or jog at the weekend or go to the gym a couple of mornings a week. It takes a little while longer to recover than it used to.

We stop at a café for a cup of coffee, slice of cake, and rest half way through our relaxing, leisurely afternoon walk or bike ride.

Every year, without fail, someone comes into the office coughing and sneezing all over the place.

Whenever the grandkids visit or we pick them up from school, one of them always seems to have a red, runny nose.

We expect one or at most two bad colds, or even the flu, each winter.

A bad cold or, worse still, the flu can get us at least two or three times each year.

That flu bug keeps us out the office for at most two or three days – though we’re probably still doing some urgent work at home during that time.

The flu completely knocks us off our feet. Bedridden and feeling weak, we’re missing out on our quality time with others or our usual coffee and cake at the café.

We might be pumped up with cold and flu medication but the flu doesn’t cause us any really serious problems.

Those health conditions make us vulnerable to serious complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia whenever we catch the flu.

Though we know we should really stay at home when we’re not well, we’re out and about after finding it tedious to stay at home watching TV (even after just one day).

Those serious complications could land us in the hospital for a while. Yes, the family visits, but we’d rather be back at home where we can do the things we like to do.

After a week at most, we’re back to the old routine.

We will need much more time to recover. 

Picking up a flu vaccine at the doctor's only takes a moment. The protection lasts all winter long.

The flu vaccine isn’t 100% effective, nevertheless, it goes a long way to reducing our risks of the flu.

How has the flu affected you in the last few years? Share your stories with us.


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